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How Securus Technologies Changed Our Prison Routines

As the years have rolled on by during my career as a corrections officer, I have noticed that the more inmates we cram into this facility, the more tensions lead to significant violent outbursts. Over the years we have tried a number of resources to keep the peace, but when you have more inmates in a cell than it should hold, these inmates are going to lash out. In addition to hurting other inmates, they have now moved their focus to attacking staff, visitors, and corrections officers.


In an effort to control the violence, we had to try and get ahead of the trouble by taking drugs and weapons out of the equation. This can be difficult to do when you are trying to work in an overcrowded facility, so we began making use of resources that would simplify the process. At first, the prison had full-body scanners installed in key areas to help us locate anything that should not be in this facility. The scanners kept guests from bringing things to the jail, and from inmates getting back to their cells with the likes of weapons, drugs, or any other contraband.


Securus Technologies was the company that helped our prison make the biggest positive change in cracking down on violence. The company developed a new technology that will operate in place of our dated phone system, scanning every call the inmates make. if these inmates discuss things like drugs or weapons, we get the alert and now take proactive measures instantly.


Since Securus Technologies installed the new software, we’ve seen violence drop in our facility because now if inmates are bragging about using or selling drugs and talking about weapons used for fights, we get to the location and eliminate the problem before it turns into a situation where innocent lives are at risk.


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