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How OSI Food Solutions is Expanding its Horizons across the Global Food Sector

OSI Food Solutions started in 1909. It has since grown its production capacity by expanding into an international food processing firm. Over the years, the company has become an excellent distributor of meat patties, sausages, vegetable dishes, coupled with fish products. Today, it has appended its footprint in about 17 countries. It has also been operating 65 food processing factories across the world. OSI Food Solutions has employed over 10,000 workers. Therefore, it’s one of the leading private organizations in the US market. OSI Food Solutions also operates in this capacity since it has standardized its capability of production and food supply.

Besides, it has created personal connections in various locations that it operates in with other like-minded individuals such as community members. Since its establishment, OSI Food Solutions has successfully been growing its consumer base by entering into joint businesses with warehouses, processing plants, and farms. Currently, it has also focused its growth in Asia, Europe, in addition to other parts of this world. OSI has acquired some food processing plants such as Baho Food. The plant is situated in the Netherlands. It is prominent for handling deli meats and snacks. OSI also purchased Tyson Food Plant. The processing facility has a warehouse for storage. In the process of acquiring organizations, it also bought a new facility situated in the Philippines. The joint venture is known as GenOSI.

OSI Food Solutions highly contributes to the global food supply chain. It manufactures value-added food products. Nonetheless, its products are made with the consumer in mind. Under the guidance of its leaders, OSI provides excellent customer experience systems. The firm produces high-quality foods. The management seeks to satisfy a broad range of customer’s tastes while pleasing their palate. Currently, OSI has grown its production capabilities in order to cover beef processing and sous vide processing. To further enhance its production capacity, OSI hired Dr. Kenneth Peterson to serve as the advisor in charge of quality assurance. Being a healthcare provider too, Peterson identifies the underlying issues affecting the brand’s quality in food production. He then creates viable solutions.

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