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How NGP VAN Is Helping Progressive Candidates Canvass Better

The team at NGP VAN says that getting volunteers out for a campaign and talking to voters about the political candidate they represent is very time consuming for any campaign field organizer. As experts at helping progressive candidates manage the technological side of a campaign NGP Van has released a new digital tool called Distributed Canvassing. This firm has been helping progressive candidates for over a decade by offering tools to manage organizing a political campaign, handling social media accounts, and engaging in fundraising efforts.

The current way to manage a canvassing campaign is extensive and takes up hours of precious time. It starts with needing to contact a field organizer, scheduling different staff members and volunteers time, going out to canvass, heading back on into the office occasionally to check the canvassing list, and then the campaign organizer feeding all this data into their system.

NGP VAN says that distributed canvassing, though, is a lot simpler. There are just a few steps where you do a few tasks like setting up where volunteers are going to canvass, how many homes they should knock at and giving these volunteers their list numbers. This software also keeps track of where the canvassers are presently at so if they have more doors to knock on they will be told where to go.

Digital Canvassing is still in its beta stage, according to NGP VAN, but it is showing great promise. Some campaign managers have been modifying it to meet their own particular needs. It can be used for both traditional canvassing or it can keep track of some very dedicated volunteer who goes through neighborhoods whenever they can. It has also been used for state-wide canvasing efforts in addition to local ones. One example of it being used in a state is in Virginia. They were able to email list number out to a group of volunteers who were asked to go to the area they were assigned to, log in to the app, and then go knock on the closest 30 doors to them. NGP VAN is incorporating feedback from campaigns in order to make this tool even better going forward.

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