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How Jonathan Cornelissen Revolutionized the Data Science Industry

Data science is a fledgling industry. For developers interested in R, Python, SQL, and other related programming languages might also be interested in pursuing a career in data science. Jonathan Cornelissen, one of the pioneering personalities in the data science field, co-founded DataCamp. DataCamp is one of the world’s most renowned learning resources for data science, teaching courses in a variety of different programming languages as well as courses concerning overarching concepts.

Jonathan Cornelissen, in particular, teaches an introductory course to the R programming language, covering the basics of data analysis and data structures, frames, vectors, and matrices. Cornelissen as DataCamp founder, holds a Ph.D. in financial econometrics. One of his greatest contributions to the field of data science was authoring an R package widely used in quantitative analysis in the financial domain.

With over 4 million users serving 190+ countries and corporate clients like eBay, Uber, Whole Foods, and Harvard University, DataCamp is most assuredly one of Cornelissen’s greatest ventures. The company boasts 100,000+ subscribers with a 30 million dollar Annualized Recurring Revenue. Cornelissen’s other projects include, FlyThere,, and His main areas of focus are data science, blockchain technology, and education, though his experiences as an angel investor have involved him in many diverse industries (Twitter).

As a tip for other entrepreneurs, Jonathan Cornelissen recommends listening to audiobooks to make ample time for reading. While sitting down and physically reading a book might be too big of an ask for the average CEO, audiobooks allow anyone to “read” a book whilst doing another menial task like filling out spreadsheets or something that doesn’t demand too much cognition.

Jonathan credits partnerships with helping him bootstrap DataCamp for over two years. In addition to publishing courses on his platform, Jonathan Cornelissen also published data science courses through other providers such as Coursera and EdX. This helped gain a ton of visibility for his brand in the long run.

He also gives one final piece of advice for aspiring businesspeople: only hire people you’d want to work for. Building the best team that you can early on in the business development process helps better achieve the ultimate mission of an organization.

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