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How Is Nicolas Krafft Contributing to The Advancement of L’Oreal Ethics Campaign

Nicolas Krafft currently serves as the Vice President of Global Business development for the L’Oreal brand. The skilled business leader and expert sales and marketing professional has worked with the cosmetic brand for the past 14 years in the strategic and operational management levels.

He has held such positions as marketing director for Asia as well as the Deputy general manager for Eastern Europe. Some of his key achievements at L’Oreal include launching several products into the market as well as overseeing the setup of different business models. He is also committed to the advancement of the cosmetic company’s adherence to professional ethics in all its operations.

Krafft’s interpretation of the company’s ethics principle

According to Nicolas Krafft, the adherence to the ethics within the workplace extends far beyond the thorough investigations of problems. It refers to a proactive approach to possible problems where the cosmetic brand takes into consideration potential challenges to the business and arrests them before they occur. Kraft further mentions that the ethics adherence campaign in the company is guided by the principles of respect, courage, transparency, and integrity.

More importantly, it forms the guiding principle upon which most company operations are built upon. This involves the interpersonal relations between the different persons working within the company as well as the brand’s duty of care towards its product consumers. For instance, it is in pursuance to this principle that L’Oreal recently launched its all-natural product with which it hopes to change the traditional ‘nature-inspired’ narrative.

The ethics day

Nicolas Krafft is also a key promoter of the decade-old tradition by L’Oreal dubbed Ethics. This refers o a day with the cosmetic company’s calendar year dedicated to the unstructured interactions between company employees and management. On this day, employees from around the world are invited to share their concern and contributions with the company chairman or chief executive officer for global concerns via a live web chat.

Local concerns, on the other hand, are addressed to the country’s senior brand manager. Nicolas Krafft observes that the trend is steadily gaining pace given that more 60 percent of company employees draw from 70 countries took part in the past ethics day interactions.

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