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How Gino Pozzo Is Changing The Way We Look At English Soccer

The name Gino Pozzo should be known around the world as he is the man who launched the global careers of star soccer players including Alexis Sanchez, Medhi Benatia, and more recently Richarlison. The Pozzo family as a whole are seen as some of the most impressive and respected in the world of soccer because of their experiences and successes over the last few years. Whether looking at the work Gino Pozzo and his family have completed at their first club, Udinese or at their other teams F.C. Granada or Watford, the success achieved is staggering.

Unlike many of the oligarchs who have taken control of English soccer clubs in the last few years, the Pozzo family are not a group looking to use their own funds to prop up a failing team. Instead, they are more willing to invest in the infrastructure of their clubs and young players who are at the heart of the future of Watford. For Gino Pozzo, the idea that Watford should be part of a wider network of ownership has often brought him into conflict with the English soccer authorities. After achieving promotion to the Premier League with a team made up of loan players, the leaders of English soccer changed the rules to limit the number of international loan deals allowed for each team.

This may have been a setback for many, but not for Gino Pozzo. The Watford Chairman has assembled a small team of trusted executives including the former Italian national player. Andrea Carnevale who is the head of scouting for the Pozzo family. Although Carnevale is trusted to provide reports, Gino Pozzo himself looks over the reports on players and decides if they provide good value for money for a club that must sell its top players to survive in the future.

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