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How Doe Deere Found Success In America

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is an immigrant to America, having moved here from Russia as a teenager, and soon to be a mother. She founded Lime Crime in 2008 which was the first vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand to ever be sold online. Her original name was Xenia Vorotova and she took on her new moniker when establishing this firm.

As she was growing up she fell in love with the United States, often listening to its music and watching its tv shows while learning English. She was thus very happy when her mom decided that the family would move to New York City. Doe Deere, her mom, and her sister knew they would have to start at the bottom and work their way up from there. They ran into a big problem, though. Her mom was an accountant in Russia but she couldn’t get her university documents in order to show this to employers. The result was that nobody would hire her in that position. She ended up becoming a maid while Doe Deere started walking neighbor’s dogs and cat sitting in order to scrape by.

Eventually down to just $7.56 left to them, the family had to enter a homeless shelter in Manhattan. They were there for six months during which time Doe Deere passed the time writing down her ideas about one day becoming a fashion designer. Their luck changed when they were introduced to Sanctuary for Families by a social worker. This nonprofit helped her mom get a job as an accountant, Doe Deere became a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and her little sister started to attend Columbia University.

She says that her becoming the chief executive officer of her own company was a dream come true and shows how much immigrants contribute to American society. She has since sold Lime Crime and started a new company along with her little sister. This is Poppy Angeloff which will be a fashion boutique featuring the jewelry they design themselves. Her new company will be located in Los Angeles and their creations will be available online.

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