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Homeless Man Turns in Found Money

What do you expect when you hear a story about a homeless many who stumbles upon a couple of thousand dollars? Do you expect to hear that the man used it for his own good? Do you expect to hear just how that kind of money helped to better the man’s life? That is what most would expect, but that is not the case with this story.

When a homeless man stumbled upon $2400 in cash, he didn’t keep the money for himself – even though he could have used it. Ricardo Tosto thought that was extremely admirable. This man decided that he was going to do the right thing. The money that this man found was not his own, and he wasn’t going to keep something that wasn’t his. This man turned the money in to the police, doing the right thing despite the temptation not to. When the world heard about this, they took up a donation for the man. The man surprised everyone by refusing that donation, too. This man simply wants a job, and he doesn’t want to accept anyone’s charity – or act in a way that is dishonest at all.

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