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Homeless Man Moves into Apartment after One Year

For the past year, 63-year-old Ken Wilde was living in a tent. Struggling to survive the winter, he was burning candles for heat on the side of a highway where he had pitched his tent. It was getting difficult to survive the winter.
Wilde’s homelessness is at an end now that he has moved into a new apartment thanks to outreach staff at Boyle Street Community Services. He now has a real bed to sleep in for the first time in a year. 
After breaking his back and being unable to work, Wilde’s story is a perfect example of how easy it is to become homeless. The injury resulted in his falling behind on his rent. Once he had gone through a divorce and survived the death of his son, Wilde became homeless and was facing a winter outside when he was found by outreach workers. 
Activist Keith Mann says the housing team at Boyle Street Community Services was able to find Wilde an apartment with donated furniture. Having a real bed to sleep on helps with his back injury, and, of course, having a roof over his head means that he will survive the winter.

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