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John Holt can write a lot on banks and wealth management/luxury investment advisories. Do you ever need him to write/edit anything remotely for your business? He can do it like no one else can. In fact, perhaps that’s the reason he was chosen as a top panelist and speaker for last November’s Texas Bankers’ Association event held in beautiful New Orleans. Indeed, this CEO and advisor of Nexbank was ever present to offer his opinions, banking advice and strategies along with the purpose of networking to engage with new clientele and potential business partners at the same time; this very busy CEO took the time to shake hands and greet people by name, even at the door.


An Event Remembered Still for Its Awesomeness

This 2016 event is still held in great respect as it is every year. In fact, people simply cannot wait until the next one – which has been promised to come in just a few days. Once again, Holt is making every preparation and plan to excel and surpass the goals and achievements of the previous year, breaking records once more and keeping the people interested. Let’s connect on social media! Let Holt know if you ever need him to write up some copy for your businesses too.


Nexbank – The Business of Banking Taken to the Next Level of Awesome

Interestingly, Nexbank is based in Texas, where both Holt and his team of experts reside. Plus, all who attended last year’s New Orleans event are from there as well; it was, after all, the Texas Bankers’ Association and not the Louisiana Bankers’ Association. All who live in Texas are now planning to fly out to the next event once more, regardless of the costs.


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