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Hollywood Celebrities Salaries Revealed

There are quite a few celebrities in Hollywood that make a lot more money than the rest of the actors and actresses. For a long time it has been debated on whether some stars are worth the salaries that they make. There is a list that has been revealed about these different celebs and all the money these stars are making.

It is always debatable on whether these stars should more or less. Some people like Leonardo Dicaprio makes a lot more than the average actor. He is no stranger to earning as much as $20 million per film. This is sort of the going rate for stars like Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise as well.

When it comes to females there is always a discrepancy in the pay, but many of the big names still bring in some big bucks. Bruce Karatz ( has learned that some women like Sandra Bullock may gross as much as $70 million for a single film. There is upfront money and money that the movie makes after it does well. Sandra had a good agent that plugged her and allowed her to make as much as possible.

There are a lot of young stars that have been able to make big bucks because they do such huge films. Jennifer Lawrence makes a lot of money, but she is still young. She makes millions because she has starred in some blockbusters movies early on.

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