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Highland Capital Announces New President of Institutional Products

James “Jim” Dondero recently announced the appointment of Tim Jones as the new president of institutional products in Highlands. He takes over a crucial department where he will be tasked with risk assessment, identification, and mitigation. He has clocked over 25 years’ experience in various financial industry positions. Before joining Highlands on a full-time basis, he was the director at Highlands’s management capital funds. He is also a member of Genworth Life Insurance board in New York and SEI AIC.He is also the owner and CEO of Battersby Capital Management. He was formerly the Portfolio Manager at Event driven subsidiary of Goldman Sachs.

Jones is a graduate of Columbia Business School with an MBA.He is also an economist with an undergraduate degree from the same university. His expected is expected to prove helpful at a time when Highlands is expanding rapidly. It today has offices in Singapore, Seoul, London New York and its headquarters in Dallas. It manages $21 billion in assets.

Highlands Management Capital was formed in 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mike Okada.It has a reputation as an innovative company that pioneers and sells in Products. Case in point is the Collectivized Debt Obligation (CDO) in 1996.It today has diversified into high yield bonds and credit markets. It is known for its high-risk high-reward approach it takes to investment. And recently won the HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award.

James Dondero has proven his mettle at Highlands. He has led it through one of the most remarkable turns around in Hedge fund history. After the 2007/008 financial crisis, Highlands was left with severe cash flow problems. It had to find new ways of surviving the Market. He has not only led it to recovery, but he has also taken the high-risk high-reward road everyone is afraid.

James Dondero is a native of Texas. He studied at the University of Virginia where he specialized in accounting and finance. He got 1st class honors in a very competitive field. He is also a certified CPA, CMA, and CFA.

Personally Jim is an active Philanthropist. He is especially active in military veteran’s affairs and public financing projects. He has over the years positively impacted many lives. He is also a father of 3 and lives with his family in Dallas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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