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Gulf Coast Western and Matthew Fleeger

When it comes to leaders in offshore oil and drilling, few names are as known and respected as Gulf Coast Western. Lead by business genius Matthew Fleeger, this company has built a name for themselves on their principles of quality production and unsurpassed customer service. With Fleeger’s unique forward-facing approach to business partnerships as allowed him to continue to stress the value and necessity of transparent business practices. From the members of the team to the clients and customers they serve, transparency in everything is paramount for Fleeger and is what he says the foundation of GCW’s success is.

By publicly maintaining an open and transparent approach to communication, even when it comes to the crucial aspects of the business, Fleeger actively focuses on ways to make the business better for all involved. Those unique approach helps to instill a great level of trust within Gulf Coast Western’s company-partner relationships while also opening the doors to continued growth with more long-term clients and a constant inflow of new clients and partners.

Because of Fleeger’s willingness to maintain high levels of clear and transparent communication about all the ins and outs of the business-client relationships, his team has been able to create a family-like environment that is truly unique within the industry. With this foundation of trust and proven track record of reliability and customer service, Fleeger and his team are able to further propel Gulf Coast Western’s goals while developing and maintaining a strong and positive relationship with clients, partners, employees, investors, and the public at large.


With a commitment to transparency and honesty, the staff at Gulf Coast Western are proud of their reputation and the mark they are leaving on the industry.  Their success means the success of their clients and partners and that is the ultimate goal of everyone at GCW!

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