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Guilherme Paulus Advocacy About Entrepreneurship

     Guilherme Paulus is one of the wealthiest billionaires in Brazil. He holds a high position on the list of billionaires on Forbes. Well, he became the man he is today because of his unique character in entrepreneurship. He owns CVC Tour Operator Company where he is the chairman of the board of directors. He is also the president of GJP hotel one of the largest hotels in Brazil. GJP has a lot of branches in different nations, for example, in the South Region there are more than six branches, in the South East Region, there are about five branches, in Brazil, there are about twenty branches and in the North East Region about seven offices.

For a businessperson to experience this kind of development in his business there must be a lot of efforts and commitment towards the achievement of that kind of success. Guilherme Paulus speaks about his critical principles to victory in one of his discussions that have led his companies to the position they are in the world market.

One of the critical principles that an entrepreneur should embrace according to Guilherme Paulus is being a risk taker. Being ready to take risk s enables you to try new things that are great. Remember when you invest in great ideas no matter the risk, it means that you will have significant returns too. This is one of the things that have kept Guilherme Paulus going no matter the large number of challenges he faced especially when his business was still in the early stages of development.

Another important principle is that entrepreneurs should be optimistic and have the ability to turn even the negative experiences into definite ideas. For example, if you are employed as a farm supervisor and see how poorly employees are treated, you should learn a lesson on how to treat employees in the right manner for them to participate willingly to the contribution of the development of the company.

Determination is another principle that entrepreneurs should possess. People have a negative thought that when someone owns a business, they do not have to work much. This is wrong because, for ones business to be successful, he or she must be dedicated and determined towards the attainment of its goals.

Another secret to success in business is the ability to love what you do. If you do not enjoy what you do, then it means that you have less interest in it and it may be hard for you to give it full commitment and the dedication it requires.


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