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Greg Blatt Information

Greg Blatt held the position as the CEO of Match Group from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017, and the CEO of Tinder from December 2016 to December 2017. He has held many positions for both companies and worked his way to the top over the years. He has had an impressive career over the years. In 2003, Greg was Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and General Counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. He also worked for two well know law firms in New York. 

He first went to law school and after experiencing it for a while he decided that it wasn’t the career he wanted. He then started writing novels and screenplays on entertainment law. It was in this moment where Martha Stewart hired Greg and he joined her and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He fell in love with general counsel. He then took a job at ICA, which was an even greater opportunity then the one he had with Martha Stewart. He did that for five years before getting into the online dating business. He saw a great opportunity in this line of business as well. 

Greg’s advice to young entrepreneurs, is to remain flexible while building your business. He was confident that Match would succeed, so he bought others and pursued multiple different opportunities to capture a wide audience. Each business competed and eventually one stood out. Greg Blatt admits that some of his businesses failed, which he saw as an opportunity to grow and learn. He believes if you keep persevering and moving forward, good things will eventually happen. 

He also believes that you must choose the right people in order to succeed. These people will help you bring your ideas to life, so choosing the right ones is a crucial part of being successful. He offers a wide variety of skills and advice to young entrepreneurs. 

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