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Green Bay Gets Unlucky

The Green Bay Packers of the National Football League looked like they had the Seattle Seahawks pinned down in the NFC championship game on Sunday and that they had written their ticket to the Super Bowl, but the game took a drastic turn that was highly unlikely. Russell Wilson played a simply terrible game for the first fifty-five minutes of the game. He threw for four interceptions, no touchdowns and less than one-hundred yards in the majority of the game, while Aaron Rodgers was playing absolutely fantastic and putting points up on the board. The Packers were getting the turnovers, and taking the ball into Seahawks territory, although they kept putting up field goals instead of converting on touchdowns. This would prove to be their demise, as they left just enough room for the Seahawks to have a fighting chance in the last few minutes of the game. You could have asked 100 people if they thought the Packers were going to win the game in the final five minutes and all 100 would have told you Green Bay would be victorious. However, the Packers luck had run out. Seattle came down the field and scored a touchdown and followed it up with stealing an onside kick that bounced off the chest of a Packers player. Seattle then scored again and made a ridiculously lucky two point conversion. After the Packers tied it and took it to overtime, Seattle lucked out again and got the ball first, while finishing the game on a touchdown pass. Though Green Bay’s luck may have run out because of mistake but that one thing you’ll never have to worry about with The Antique Wine Company.

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