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GPB Global Resources Assists Ethiopian Government to Make Positive Changes to Return Tree Growth to Country

Planing Indigenous Trees

As part of a grow back program that will affect the entire country of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has launched a program in bringing back indigenous trees to Ethiopia. On a July sunny day, this Summer, over 1000 communities gathered together to participate in a forestation project in Ethiopia. India previously recorded the most trees that every been planted by a country before at 50 million trees with 500,000 partners. This year Ethiopia passed that number sevenfold with a total of 350 million trees planted in the same 24 hour period. The reason for the planting was so that Ethiopians could have a re-growth of indigenous trees in their country

ETH Zurich

A recent report by ETH Zurich reported there are over 4.6 billion hectares of land available around the world fro tree growth. Only 1.6 billion hectares of land are available for planting. The importance of these numbers is the fact that since the industrial revolution, there have been over 300 billion tons of carbon dumped into the air by carbon pollution. If the six largest countries used the remaining 1.6 billion hectares of land available for planting it would allow two-thirds of carbon emissions to be stored up by these new trees and keep the ozone layer safe from more emissions destroying the ozone layers, and consequently reduce global warming, which has been linked by scientists to global warming. GPB Global Resources has had a long relationship with Ethiopia in its exploration and search for oil & gas reserves. Boris Ivanov, head and founder of GPB Global Resources, was on hand during the Summer planting day and participated in the planting of new trees.

GPB Global Resources

GPB Global Resources is an international company that researches and explores oil and gas reserves in different countries. GPB Global Resources has several offices located in major cities throughout the world. The Prime Minister of Ethiopia allowed the shutting down of government offices on the Green Legacy Initiative day, thereby allowing government workers to attend the tree planting day. By allowing government workers time off the total number of trees planted was maximized by government workers.

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