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Glen Wakeman, Mentoring Businesses

Someone once said that a man who gives receives a full measure running over in turn. This is not a principle that works in finance only. It works even in knowledge as well. True, practicing what you learn will see you get better at executing your head knowledge. But teaching other people what you know and have practiced expands your knowledge and grants you wisdom. Glen Wakeman is a living example.

Having succeeded in entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman focuses his energies now to teaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs. If he chose to retain his knowledge, he would not have come up with the brilliant ideas he has come up with. He says, teaching is the best way of learning. It is when teaching others the same methods you used that you get to see their flaws or strength. It is in interacting with people having new ideas that you also get inspired to come up with new ones of your own. Therefore, him being known as a business revolutionary is greatly dependent on his mentoring ventures.

Currently, Glen Wakeman is the CEO and founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. This is a firm that focuses in helping start-ups to come with a successful business plan. This they do through simple software. Glen’s inspiration in founding this company was to help entrepreneurs see their dreams come true. He says, in his experience teaching and mentoring businessmen, he realised that many people come up with brilliant ideas that never see the light of day simply because the lack a proper business plan. LaunchPad Holdings would see them move in the right direction.

Apart from giving lectures and talks on different platforms, Glen gets to share his experiences and findings on his official website. Here, he writes articles on market trends, gives pointers on what entrepreneurs should look out for and generally gives direction to start-ups. Through this, he has been able to reach so many people. Glen says seeing people start a business based on a unique idea and watching them prosper is his source of fulfilment. It is what keeps him going.

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