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Glen Wakeman: Mentor, Innovator and Business Leader

Failure of startup business enterprises based on excellent business ideas was the primary basis of Glen’s founding of LaunchPad Holdings. According to the Finance and Economics expert, most of the aspiring entrepreneurs do not understand a business idea is not a plan in itself. To successfully implement any idea especially in the business field, development of solid structures is inevitable.

Relating ideas with money is more of a hobby to the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. He gets enthusiastic about discoveries and new ways of making money through entrepreneurship. Glen mentions that a higher percentage of startups miserably fail despite coming up with promising ideas in the industry. The failing trend led to his research and development of a software program that helps in matching ideas with working plans hence founding LaunchPad Holdings LLC.

Glen Wakeman is a renowned business leader across the world for his mentorship and entrepreneurial skills that have led to a significant revolution in the business field. He founded LaunchPad Holdings together with other professionals in 2015 where Glen as the CEO focuses on innovating performance methodologies and mentoring entrepreneurs. He has previously worked at GE Capital. Glen has extensive experience in market strategizing, capital raising, and all forms of innovation and growth of international markets. Glen’s high success rate on investment and administrative strategies attribute to his popularity in the world.

Glen attributes his success to a performance methodology that entails; leadership power, human capital, risk management, and execution in business. Various startups and established business corporations have successfully implemented the methodology. Glen has extensively traveled and worked in different continents of the world hence his well informed and considerate decisions in all aspects of a business (Instagram). He attributes curiosity as his most productive trait in the business career. However, Glen mentions that connections, which entail friends and acquaintances, make the difference between success and failure in business.


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