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Glen Wakeman helps entrepreneurs find success

Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, passionately seeks to help entrepreneurs find success. Wakeman suggest “Thoughtful Perseverance,” a three step process: 1) Focus on benefits instead of features, 2) Seek dis-confirming evidence, 3)Build a dispassionate support group. Wakeman finds that when businesses focus on providing value to their customers rather than creating something the owners think is cool, they tend to have more success. He says that people are willing to pay for what they perceive to be valuable.

Wakeman holds an MBA from the University of Chicago. His studies there lead to 20-years working for General Electric and experience working all over the globe. Through his career at GE, Wakeman encountered many business ideas he found intriguing. He noticed that many of these businesses failed and he began to wonder why. Glen Wakeman eventually concluded that businesses failed due to a lack of structure. His desire to see such businesses succeed lead Wakeman to develop software to help entrepreneurs create a business plan to make their ideas succeed.

Glen Wakeman’s software promotes the creating of a financial plan. The plan is critical to entrepreneurs’ success as it provides necessary structure for business. In addition, Wakeman stresses five elements of good business: 1)Leadership, 2)Human Capital, 3)Execution, 4)Risk Management, 5)Governance. The first two focus on the strengths of personnel. Execution focuses on leadership strategies to encourage change. Risk management prevents negative results from execution. Governance focuses on building a positive working environment.

While Wakeman provides many resources to aspiring entrepreneurs, his LaunchPad Toolkit from LaunchPad Holdings LLC does come with a fee. It costs around $100 for for thirty minutes work to take an idea and turn it into a viable business plan.

Through his company, LaunchPad Holdings LLC, Wakeman provides entrepreneurs with these as well as other software tools to encourage the success of new businesses. In additon to LaunchPad Holdings LLC, Wakeman serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs and regularly writes a blog discussing a variety of business related topics from emerging markets to international fiscal matters. Glen Wakeman has revolutionized entrepreneurship.


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