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Giambi Retires

Jason Giambi has retired after playing 20 years in the Majors. He produced a wonderful statement talking about all the people who played a part in his career, and he was thanking everyone in sight much like Terry Bradshaw.

He will be placed in the strange world of the players from the steroid era who will likely never get into the hall of fame. He will not be lumped in with them because he played so much longer, but it is likely that he will have issues. The writers are going to show that they are unhappy with his admittance to taking something. However, he never said exactly what he did. We will be left to wonder, and we will have to explain to our grandkids why the veteran’s committee just put him in the hall many years from now.

Fans like Marc Sparks know that Giambi was a great player, and it is very hard to hit a baseball the way that he did. He walks away from the game having had a chance to play with his brother, and he has a World Series ring. He is the kind of guy that we should remember well because he was a very good player whether people want to admit it or not.

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