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George Soros Donates $18 Billion to Various Foundations

George Soros has participated in a number of philanthropic activities during the last several years. With his wealth, he has been able to donate up to $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations. As a result, he has been able to make one of the largest transfers of wealth in history by a private donor to a single charitable entity. Over the years, Soros would quietly provide this gift and not let anyone know about it until this past Tuesday. Open Society is the second largest charitable organization in the United States second to only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. With this amount of charitable donations, Soros will now likely be the focus of conservative critics and be put right in the middle of numerous social political debates in the nation.

The organization that Soros donated to was founded 30 years ago with the intention to promote the value of human rights democracy in over 120 countries worldwide. Over the last few years, the organization has focused its attention on issues in the United States. During this time, the organization has looked to address causes that will protect homosexuals as well as reducing police corruption and brutality. In the year 2014, the organization funded treatment for a number of people during the Ebola outbreak. Soros’ contributions to the organization have also helped provide funds for the Roma art and culture as well as protecting people from hate crimes. In fact, he donated $10 million in order to prevent violence associated with hate crimes after the 2016 election. Back in November of 2016, George Soros said that people need to make efforts to prevent social problems such as hate crimes in the immediate future.

When it comes to his political focus, George Soros has frequently donated his funds to Democratic candidates and causes. He donated considerable amounts of money to Hillary Clinton during last year’s election. With his large donations to the Democrat party, he has often been criticized by the Republican Party as well as many people who support the far right. Some conservative sources have accused Soros of looking to make Ireland a country that supports abortion as well as looking to undermine European countries in terms of controlling their borders. Despite his critics, Soros has plenty of support as some people have said that his philanthropic activities have proven to make a positive impact on society.

With the election of Donald Trump as president, Soros has given his organization a new sense of urgency. The organization is now more focused than ever to make a number of donations to promote a fair and just society. Since the organization believes that Trump’s policies are unjust it will make a consistent effort to combat anything that it believes will create social inequality. Soros now looks to continue providing funds for a variety of causes that will help counter the undesirable policies set by Trump. By having a vast amount of resources, Soros will look to provide more funding to his organization in an effort to create a more peaceful environment for many people and Follow him

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