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George Mason University a favorite son of the Koch Brothers

George Mason University is the recipient of even more donations from the Koch brothers and are now a champion cause of the famous brothers. The school is located just outside of Washington DC and has become strong in both law and economics with a strong slant towards conservative views. George Mason University is a public university that receives tens of millions of dollars from the Koch brothers each year.

Charles and David Koch, commonly referred to as the Koch brothers, inherited a portion of Koch Industries from their father Fred Koch before buying new out two Other brothers and growing the diversified company significantly. Koch industries is now the second largest privately held company in the U.S. and earns approximately $120 billion per year in revenue, second behind only Cargill. The Koch brothers are renowned for donating significant amounts of money to conservative Republican candidates who espouse their beliefs in the importance of small government and view it as being an essential right to have less government regulations and control over industry.

During the years 2011 to 2014 almost $50 million was given by the brothers to George Mason University, as gathered from various tax records. While about $20 million per year is typically donated by the brothers to colleges each year, no school, other than George Mason University received over $1 million.

While some have criticized the school by saying that this money has led to an undue influence over the University, partly by the strong political beliefs by the donor, Charles Koch has indicated that the donations are unconditional and do not have strings attached by politics. Instead, the money is given to try to fill the whole left by a lack of public contribution to the university. The money donated by the Koch Brothers is filling some much needed holes in the budget for the school.

George Mason University received a $10 million gift from the Koch Foundation in 2015 and has just received an additional $20 million from an anonymous donor to change the name of the law school to one dedicated to the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia who was a favorite of the Koch Brothers. Beyond these donations, the majority of the money that is given by the Koch Brothers have gone to the study for Humane sciences.

Still not everything is political and the Koch brothers donations to George Mason University, just as many of their donations to museums and the ares may not be politically connected.


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