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Genucel And Chamonix Gives Support To Abused Women And Children

Women survivors of abuse need help and support in order to leave the past behind and start a new life. Physical abuse might heal over time, but the wounds that came from mental sufferings will be harder to heal. In order to do heal the wounds, it is important for the victim to feel self-worth, love, and support from people around them. This cements the importance of the support system in the recovery of the victims.



There are a lot of ways to support women and children who are victims of physical and mental abuse. Mental exercises such as self-affirmation is a good way to boost the mental state of the victim. Majority of the victims don’t believe when you tell them that they are worthy to be loved and beautiful. However, with continued affirmation, those outlooks will start to change over time.


One of the best ways to channel negative energy is by learning a new craft like painting or dancing. Another way is to focus on self-care routines like proper hygiene and exercise. These activities help to recover the victim’s self-worth, confidence, and recreating themselves. Knowing this, Genucel, a subsidiary of Chamonix, decided to give support by giving “beauty bags”, which includes Genucel products and other toiletries.


According to LinkedIn, Genucel offers products that can help in making abuse victims more confident with themselves. And by giving beauty bags to the victims, they help in making the physical signs that will remind them of their past. Not only that, because their products are made with the PhotoCellTec technology which is made by Malus Domestica plant which prevents divots and other physical remembrance from the past abuse. Thus, Genucel by Chamonix don’t only help in healing the physical scars from the abuse suffered. It also helps in building self-esteem and overall mental recovery.


There are also other firms that help in the recovery of the abuse survivors. Woman Aware is one of those nonprofit organizations, and one of their most effective methods is the Ecotherapy, which helps survivors by getting together for walks to know more about plants and nature. They also host the “Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk”, which is a community-wide support event. Physical activities such as walking with friends are ways to encourage socialization with other victims and to establish the fact that they are not alone. Giving support is also support they can receive by joining with these benefit walks, which is why it is recommended by a lot of mental health professionals.


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