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Generous and Philanthropic Transportation Entrepreneur Perry Mandera

After serving in the Marines Corps Reserve, being a Committeeman for the Republican Party in Chicago, and establishing a company that employs hundreds in Illinois, Perry Mandera has a giving back to the community spirit embedded in his heart. His philanthropic efforts display a lifelong commitment to charities that led to the establishment of Custom Care Charities Inc., a charitable organization for the transportation industry.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, Perry Mandera started civilian life working at different transport firms. He later founded his transportation firm but sold it five years after. He loved the business that he decided to start his transportation company a year later by the name Custom Companies Inc. in 1986, based in Northlake in Chicago, Illinois. The business has grown to serve small and Fortune 100 corporations with sales surpassing the $200 million mark with hundreds of employees. The Custom Companies Inc. is a full-service transportation provider offering LTL, truckload services, local and international air freight forwarding services, contract cartage, and other logistics services.

Perry Mandera serves as a member of the board of directors of the Illinois Transportation Authority (ITA). He recently started distribution and warehousing engaging in routing, labeling, sorting, segregating services.

Even with an impressive work and successful business, what stands out for Perry Mandera is his philanthropy and charitable deeds. When Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi and Louisiana gulf coasts, Perry Mandera sent 40 truckloads of food, supplies, and water. He supports the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation, AIDS research and Special Olympics. Following the wildfires in California, Perry donated transportation services and supplies to those who lost homes and belongings. His Company also participates in Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Program aimed at reducing emissions and fuel usage.

Through Custom Care Charities, Perry Mandera has donated money to needy families each holiday, especially children. He does it personally and has coached and sponsored boxers and supports fitness and productive activities among children. He is passionate about Jesse White Tumblers, an organization that assists children in inner-city Chicago in engaging in activities that will keep them off the drugs, gangs, and alcohol. Perry Mandera has helped other charities such as ALS Foundation, Walter &Connie Payton Foundation, Toys for Tots, Campus Crusade for Christ, and National MS society among others.


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