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FreedomPop – Freemium Internet Without a Cost

In today’s world, everyone has become strongly dependent on the Internet to amass much-needed information regarding… everything. Not only does the Internet help individuals to connect to each other irrespective of their current location, it has also granted people near-instantaneous access to solutions that revolutionize the way we live life.

Because of this, millions of people from across the world are spend thousands of dollars a year on what they deem to be the ‘best’ type of Internet plan. Obviously, everyone wants to connect to connect to a great wireless network that provides fast, efficient, reliable, secure and consistent bandwidth. This has spawned several multi-billion dollar industries that help to provide, promote and process transactions related to paid mobile and computer online data packages.

FreedomPop Changes the Standard Internet Plan

It seems as though paid Internet is an unwritten standard that is set in stone, but with the growing rise of expenses placed of people in general, some individuals and companies may seek out more… affordable Internet plans and data packages. In response to this, more and more data providers are offering what they hope to be far more affordable Internet data package rates.

With the growing number of people who need reliable Internet connection, but don’t have the means or the capacity to cope with even the standard plan prices, affordable low-end data packages offers little hope. Many of these can be impossible to subscribe to, because of the high demand and with their limit capacity may not even be worth the trouble. Now there is another way to get affordable internet service.

Enter FreedomPop on usatoday– the first-ever maverick company that wishes to provide free WiFi or internet data packages for nearly next to nothing. Their flagship plan is orth only a meager $20 a month, and it provides one with ‘unlimited’) voice calls, texts, and mobile Internet data. Compare that to most other Internet data packages available today, and you will quickly understand the scope of change FreedomPop is making around the world in regards to standard internet plans.

Free Internet is the New Standard

How are they able to do this without going bankrupt, you ask? The geniuses at FreedomPop has sufficiently raised a whopping $30 million to fulfill their goal of providing reliable, UNLIMITED Internet data packages at extremely low costs. So, what will you get if you subscribe to FreedomPop? You have two very easy and very affordable options.

The first, the basic plan, costs absolutely nothing! That’s right; it costs exactly $0.00 a month! This basic plan provides you with a limited number of texts, call time, and data that includes 500 text messages, 200 minutes of call time, and 500 megabytes of free data.

The second variant, a $20 ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan provides the same services minus the restrictions, with up to 1GB of LTE consumable within 30 days, plus access to Sprint’s 3G network. If you really need to stay connected to the net, without having to bust your budget, consider FreedomPop Freemium Internet plans today.

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