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Freedom Checks: Best Way Tap Into The Oil Industry

Matt Badiali is confident about his call on investing in Freedom Checks. He believes they are going to be a game changer for some. The companies that he has been pushing people to invest in are Master Limited Partnerships, and according to his analysis, they are paying out $34.6 billion to investors this year alone. He believes that the number of Freedom Checks that get distributed in the future is going to exceed this current figure, and gives several reasons why MLPs are a smart financial investment. One advantage that MLPs offer is that a taxpayer does not have to pay any income taxes on a Freedom Check payment. Elimination of taxes will mean a substantially higher rate of return.

Another reason to invest in an MLP is the fact that it is a great way to get exposure to the oil and gas industry. The United States produces significantly more oil than it did in the past because oil companies are using fracking technology. The US has been purchasing less oil from the Middle East. With the fracking boom still strong, many MLPs will have higher earnings in the next few years. Many people mistook Freedom Checks for a government program. When Matt Badiali first spoke about Freedom Checks, he did inform people that it was an investment and not a government agency issuing money.

There are no age or financial barriers that prevent people from partaking in this investment strategy. There are individuals currently receiving these distributions, and their payments are far greater than any benefit payment. People can start taking advantage of Freedom Checks today if they are interested in earning a passive, tax-free income. A person needs to open a brokerage account if they don’t already have one. All they need is around $10 to start investing in an MLP. There are over five hundred MLPs to choose from that trade on the stock exchanges, so it is important that a person distinguishes an MLP from other traditional investments. The risk associated with an MLP is no greater than other typical investments, but the potential returns are far greater.

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