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Fox News Is Number 1 Choice among American Voters for Their News

The network news we are fed today is full of hype and sometimes misinformation. And, with the admissions of false stories given by two of America’s most trusted news broadcasters, which news outlet should Americans trust?

Quinnipiac University just released the results of a poll they conducted to see just which news outlet that Americans trust the most. While pollsters agreed that the news they received in the days of Walter Cronkite was much more dependable, today, the majority turn to Fox News for their reports. Of the 1,286 voters who were polled via telephone from February 26 through March 2 of this year, 29 percent replied that their most trusted news source was Fox News, with CNN coming in second with 22 percent. CBS News and NBC News both came in at 10 percent approval, while ABC News was at 8 percent and MSNBC at a mere 7 percent.

There is, however, a large split in Republican and Democratic voter preferences in their news resources. Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG knows that Fox News is the most trusted among Republican voters at 58 percent, while Democratic voters opted for CNN News at 32 percent. And, as far as what Americans think about the recent news embellishments of two well-known and trusted anchors, 42 percent feel Brian Williams should be returned to his post at “NBC Nightly News,” and 51 percent don’t feel they have learned enough about Bill O’Reilly’s suspension at Fox News to respond with an opinion.

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