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Fortress Investment Group:A Key Financial Group In Social Media

Fortress Investment Group, an large international firm, is known for its management of investments as well as private equity alternative assets. Performing a broad spectrum of investment management, the company also manages credit and liquid hedge funds. Founded in 1998, the investment firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange as FIG. A leader in the financial services industry, Fortress Investment Group manages the portfolios of over 1500 private clients and institutional investors globally. Having vast experience across a broad range of investment strategies, the investment firm’s investment management includes credit, private equity, traditional asset management, and liquid markets.

Moreover, the global investment firm leader maintains an extremely positive social media presence. Realizing the value of using this medium early, the company used social media long before other investment management companies did. The firm quickly saw the advantage of using it to demonstrate their performance to customers and the value of their services to the prospective client and investor.

Their presence in social media is growing. As a matter of fact, Fortress Investment Group is one of the most active investment groups on social media and is connecting with and has done business with customers through this medium. Staying abreast of contemporary trends, the company has made it a top priority to continuously update their social media. It is well aware of the value to the firm of effectively using this medium.

Xapo, very well known as the “Fort Knox of Bitcoin,” has succeeded in raising $40 million from well known venture capital firms such as Index Ventures, Benchmark, Fortress Investment Group, Greylock Partners,and others. Former Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers is one of the advisors, and Xapo has developed enhanced security that maximizes protection of its bitcoin assets.

Bloomberg has reported that several wealthy investors are now hoarding bitcoin deep underground in bunkers, quoting the amount as approximately $10 billion, a figure representing 7% of Bitcoin’s float. Reports on Xapo have revealed that the company owns an entire global network consisting of underground vaults on five continents. To further ensure security, these vaults are also bomb proof. Investors recognize the benefits of this security, and consequently have deposited vast sums of bitcoin in Xapo. As a result, Xapo has accumulated storage of more bitcoin than 98% of the 5000 banks in the US.

Xapo also caters to institutions by providing financial firms a management platform to handle bitcoin investments. Viewing institutions as promising vehicles for growth, Xapo fully expects bitcoin to be a future leader. Hidden Fortress: Behind SoftBank’s $3.3B buy of the asset manager

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