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Football Club owner Gino Pozzo and the family history

Gino Pozzo is recognized as a celebrated and talented soccer club owner who has taken lackluster teams for years and transformed them into good teams under his guidance. The individual was raised in a family that loved soccer and who still do to this day. Gino Pozzo was raised in Italy but traveled to the United States to pursue an education as he earned a masters degree from Harvard University. The family’s passion for football can be traced back to when his father bought a club in Italy. They also owned an electric and gas company and a woodworking business but dropped them to work full-time as football club owners. Owning the Udinese Club in Italy meant a lot to the family as they were from there. Although Gino Pozzo’s father and other family members are well-known as owners, Gino Pozzo is known as the gem in the family, having taken low ranked teams and made them into contenders. This was evident with his purchase of the Watford Club as he grew the club to stardom. Something that the owner has relied on is frequently trading players and making acquisitions that fit the clubs. This also applies to coaches and managers. Not only has Gino and his family lead successful teams but they have been able to get involved in the day to day business operations that have taken them to another level. Even clubs who were struggling immensely financially were good after the Pozzo family took over. Gino Pozzo notes that in sports tough decisions need to be made. The individual makes sure to always be a part of the clubs operations. Gino Pozzo was even ranked as a top CEO football club owner with the #4 spot in Talksport’s 2019 rankings. Gino Pozzo will continue to make new signings, be involved in the day to day operations, and bring his passion to the game.

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