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Fake News Is Influencing Election Outcomes

     The issue of fake news and propaganda has dreaded the electoral processes of various countries especially in this age of cyberspace technology. According to Bruno Fagali’s blog, countries such as the United States of America experienced the influence of fake news on the outcome of elections and the most significant of all was the Hillary and Trump race. In Brazil because of the forthcoming elections, the TSE has launched their efforts on how to minimize the effects of fake news in the process of elections. Programs, tools and a special team has been put together working to mitigate misleading news that arises during elections. Various studies conducted indicate that since the year 2010, the elections in Brazil have been influenced by malicious and manipulative content that is created and spread intentionally. The emphasis on electronic media and social networks has contributed significantly to these malicious intentions of spreading false news to influence the outcome of an election. Bruno Fagali reports that TSE formed the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections in the closing of the year 2017 whose primary purpose was to carry out findings of the laws of elections and how the propagation of fake news on the internet might affect an election outcome. Bruno Fagali also added that the commission was to report its findings to the TSE and also advice on the way forward to enhance the standards of elections. The President for TSE Minerva Luiz Fux emphasized that there was the need to take preventive action and exercise precautionary measures to strengthen the legitimacy of elections that was being compromised. According to Bruno Fagali, the FBI paid a visit to the Consultative Council on Internet and Elections, and they shared some of their encounters in the United States of America. The FBI also gave their insight on some tools and strategies that can be used to control the impact of the fake news. TSE has pointed out that the spread of false report could be among the most prominent challenge to face the elections planned for this year. TSE recommends that punishing the parties that take part in the divulging of false news. Other measures such as the installation of PPE to evaluate material that can sway the decision of the voters.

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