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Eucatex Rocking the Brazilian Wood Market

Eucatex, established in November 1931 is a Brazilian company, the first to care about the environment. This company is known to use the eucalyptus as its raw material to make ceiling tiles and panels. Eucatex started coming up with representative offices in several Brazilian Capitals and Argentina in 1956. As a leader in the wood market and a major manufacturer in Brazil, the company recently celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2011.

This Brazilian company has managed to receive lots of awards throughout the years since its inception. Their initiatives and the high-quality products they come up with are always received well in the society. A feature of Eucatex was done in As Melhores da Dinheiro back in 2010 where organizations were evaluated on their performances based on five major criteria’s: Financial Sustainability, Human Resources, Innovation and Quality, Social Responsibility and Governance Cooperatively. Eucatex was considered to be the best in financial sustainability management. It was also named to be among the top Innovation and Quality and was appointed in the top four companies in the Human Resources.

Eucatex is considered to be a great company which keeps on moving each day. They have CARB and ISO14001 certifications together with others. The firm is known to value environmental legislation, and it usually advocates for the rational use of the forestry resources in its aim of taking the business world in a new direction.

Eucatex President Flavio Maluf was born on 2ndDecember 1961 in Sao Paulo. Maluf is an entrepreneur and a mechanical engineer and the president of the Grandfood group. Straight from Bloomberg it’s said Maluf previously used to be responsible for financial control of the cost, inventory control, central deployment of service and training center. Flavio specializes in the management of people which focuses on the customer support and the after sales. He is also fluent in English.

Maluf was a contract administrator in Embraer before working at Eucatex according to his resume. He also worked as a service manager at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics prior to Embraer. Flavio is also counted on by the entire country of Brazil for his expertise. Including what he’s given to the industry through his entrepreneurial tips. But what’s more, Flavio always talks education and what the future of technology will bring.

Maluf’s co-workers described him as a professional and a great leader who had a bright future ahead of him. Maluf has also worked in other firms such as Informed Com, Ind, and Chiron Diagnostics. Maluf also worked in various positions in his family’s businesses such as the field service manager, sales manager and service coordinator. This proves that he has a wide variety of skills which are active in running of any company.

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