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Eric Lefkofsky’s Latest Company Reaches Unicorn Status

A co-founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky, announced that his company’s latest round of fundraising was a success and put his company in Unicorn status. This term means that his startup is now worth over $1 billion. This is the latest company of his to reach Unicorn status, the last one being the local deals website Groupon.

Tempus was established in Chicago, Illinois in 2015. This company captures data about cancer treatments, such as a doctor’s handwritten patients notes. This data is compiled into a searchable database which enables oncologists to find the best cancer treatment option for each of their patients on a personalized basis. Eric Lefkofsky said that in the past too much cancer treatment was based on guesswork. He wanted to bring big data and cutting-edge technology to cancer treatment so that many more people could survive this disease.

In order to cast the widest possible net, Eric Lefkofsky has developed relationships with everything from individual doctors to drug companies to entire hospitals in order to gather data. He says that the traction which Tempus has been able to make in the healthcare industry has been inspiring to him. He thinks we’re in the middle of one of the most important paradigm shifts in regards to cancer treatment that has yet to be seen.

After graduating from law school in 1993, Eric Lefkofsky and a friend bought Brandon Apparel. This was a clothing company and is the only company he’s been associated with that has not been in the tech industry. He started co-founding companies in the technology sector starting in 1999 and since that time he has co-founded a number of companies beyond Tempus and Groupon such as Mediabank which targets advertising buyers as its market. Another company he co-founded in 2010 is Lightbank. This firm helps tech startup in the greater Chicago area.

The Lefkofsky Foundation is a charitable trust which Eric and Liz Lefkofsky established in 2006. It provides money to scientific, charitable, and educational nonprofits all over the world. The main focus of the Lefkofsky Foundation is on helping children succeed.

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