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End Citizens United Endorses Dan Feehan For Congress

End Citizens United, a political activist group that looks to help stop big money from influencing politicians, announced it will endorse Dan Feehan for a congressional seat in Minnesota. According to press releases, Feehan is looking to reform Washington through accountability and transparency, and he plans to support the “Disclose Act and Government by the People Act.

Feehan also plans to reject any corporate PAC money, which is one of the cornerstones of End Citizens United goals to help reform Washington. Feehan says he is proud, humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of End Citizens United. He also stated that the amount of influence that big money can buy over politicians comes at the expense of the citizens of the United States.

A poll by Gallup shows that 90 percent of Americans believe that government works for the best interest of big money while leaving many citizens behind. Feehan believes that the support of the American people must come from real government reform.

End Citizens United has embarked on a campaign called the “Big Money 20.” The goal of this campaign is to defeat congressional and Senate leaders who work for special interest groups such as big oil, Wall Street and drug companies. Some of the incumbents identified in the campaign include Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Rep. Duncan Hunter of California and Rep. Ryan Costello of Pennsylvania.

The president and executive director of ECU is Tiffany Muller. Before joining ECU, Tiffany worked for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee as the deputy political director and has worked as the chief of staff for two congressional members.

Matt Burgess is the executive vice president of End Citizens United. With over 15 years of political experience, Matt has worked on several winning campaigns for Governor and Senator. Matt was also on the winning campaign of Sen. Maggie Hassan’s run for governor before she became a senator.

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