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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda Melzer) Inspires the Growth of Grupo RBS

The holder of Business Administration and MBA from PUC-RS and Harvard Business School respectively, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda Melzer) has had a very productive career life having been the founder and worker of companies like EB capital, Grupo RNS and e.bricks Ventures. He has served the companies for a varied number of years and has held different positions in them.

At Grupo RBS, Eduardo Melzer has stayed for 15 years while holding the following positions. From 2004 to 2008 – he was the General Director For National Market, between 2008 and 2010 – he served as the Vice President Of Market And Business Development, up to July 2012 – the executive Vice president, on July 2012 he became the president until December 2015 and finally he is the chairman from January 2016. At e.bricks Digital, Eduardo was the chairman and founder from 2012 to 2017 and remains to be the founder and board member. In 2017 Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer founded EB capital where he is also the CEO.

In his extended stay at Grupo RBS, Eduardo has transformed the media company substantially from the old state to the up-to-date technological media company. This has made him receive numerous awards there being Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur Award of the year in the Family business category. He also received a selection into the list of leaders of the Cambridge Institute for family enterprises, reports by

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes that for one to be an entrepreneur, they should think of bringing a growth impact. In this spirit, he began Grupo RBS to support the new entrepreneurs as they launch their ventures. Together with the other staff members, they offered services that sharpened the entrepreneurship skills in operations and management at large. Duda is an exclusive manager having operated many companies. To know more about Duda visit

Duda Melzer testifies that he succeeds as an entrepreneur because he delegates work. He selects a competitive team which he entrusts with some tasks to fill any gap. Duda says that this gives him peace of mind and allows him to perform those duties he has a specialization. As a competent CEO, he says that the company excels if the choice of its team is right and its members are passionate.

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