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Dr. Jennifer Walden among top female Cosmetic Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden is considered one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the NYC area. Hence the reason why she is so often featured on local news channels spots where her expertise are shared on cosmetic surgery. “A new procedure does not necessarily mean best procedure” is explained in one of her segments. Walden serves up a warning to all those interested in cosmetic surgery to “do your research”. She gets into trending new techniques for face-lifts and liposuction that are receiving popularity but are not as efficient as they are new.
One example she comments on is called the laser liposuction. This operation utilizes a laser wand underneath the skin in order to burn away fat as opposed to traditional liposuction which sucks out the fat. The hazards of this technique are in the fact that it could potentially lead to permanent skin deformities. In addition, there is no proof that this technique is any more efficient than the traditional form.
Walden is often featured in magazines such as Vogue, Shape, The New York Sun and more where her knowledge on surgical related topics such as injections, breast implants, tummy tucks, makeovers, etc. are displayed. Where Walden’s talent is really displayed is in her growing list of before and after photos. Her success is personified in how she emotionally and physically helps transform her patients.
What makes Walden even more unique is her gender. Walden is one of a small number of female board certified cosmetic surgeons. This she believes gives her an advantage in that she is able to assess the needs of her female patients better than a male doctor would.
Walden ( is also featured in the book “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” as one of its Co-Authors. The book serves as guidance and expertise on cosmetic surgery and also covers unique topics on the subject.
Today Walden runs her very own plastic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center based in Austin, Texas.

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