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Dr. Jejurikar’s Varying Procedures and Effective Results

If you’re looking for one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Dallas area with experience in just about every area of plastic surgery, then look no further than Dr. Jejurikar. He is a board-certified surgeon in Dallas, Texas and specializes in providing safe and effective cosmetic surgery with minimal scarring and easy healing. Typically, Dr. Jejurikar works with patients who are looking to enhance their looks with surgical procedures such as the Brazilian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentations. These types of surgeries are invasive and require great skills that Dr. Jejurikar possesses, but his qualifications don’t just stop there.

Dr. Jejurikar is also capable of performing non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can be used to enhance, tighten or plump certain features upon the patients request. These methods are just as effective and his work yields ageless results that keep his patients devoted to receiving their work from him. He offers a variety of different specialties such as his injectable procedure options that keep skin from wrinkling such as botox injections.

In addition to these procedures, Dr. Jejurikar also offers treatments like his Microneedling procedure, which allows for skin to be punctured triggering regeneration in the skin. This keeps the skin firm and makes it less likely to wrinkle due to sun exposure. Dr. Jejurikar is trying to personalize cosmetic surgery and make it completely compatible with the individual. He doesn’t just offer a bunch of nips and tucks, he offers long term results to help you reach your future aesthetic goals.

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