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Dr. David Samadi Will Host Dr. CynaraCoomer to Discuss Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. David Samadi just announced that he will be hosting Dr. CynaraCoomer on 15th October, being a Sunday. Cynara is known for her educative talks on cancer and treatment methods. She is the breast cancer chief director at Northwell Health Staten in Island University Hospital. The interview will focus on breast cancer awareness and it will be live streamed. Guests and viewers are allowed to ask questions concerning breast cancer.

The Housecall show will host Coomer

On the same subject, Dr. David Samadi stated that this is the month of breast cancer awareness. He, therefore, called upon Dr. Coomer because she has extensive experience on the subject. As a primary catalyst in sharing knowledge on the development of breast cancer and the viable therapies available in the medical industry, Coomer will be assisting him in making masses understand the topic. Coomer is not only an expert in breast cancer awareness. She thrives in disseminating the knowledge she has with the society.

Coomer’s Contribution to breast cancer awareness

Coomer has been servicing at Comprehensive Breast Center located at Staten Island. She has been instrumental in sharing knowledge on breast health and preventive measures. Before she joined Northwell Health Staten, she served as a surgeon as Mount Sinai, a medical center located in New York. She earned stellar reputation by generating special treatments for malignant and benign. Coomer has been successful in her career. She brings more knowledge to the show that Samadi will be hosting on 15th October.

Coomer shows appreciation

In regards to being hosted by Dr. David Samadi, Coomer said that she is glad to be reunited with Samadi, a man she holds in high regards. Coomer continued to say that she will share the knowledge she has garnered on breast health and treatment. She is inclined towards assisting women to regain their confidence and be knowledgeable about health. She also added that she is glad to help Americans in all possible ways.

Profile Of Experience

Dr. David Samadi is the host of Housecall, a live show that is based on discussing educative topics on health. The head of robotic surgery has been on a mission to help Americans in living healthy. Dr. David Samadi is dedicated to helping men in fighting prostate cancer. Samadi has extensive knowledge on early disease detection. He uses this knowledge to save lives. Samadi uses the live show to share knowledge on health.

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