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Don’t Let Anything Take Away your Passion

Andy Wirth is man who has a passionate love for skydiving and he did not even let a serious accident take away that desire. Andy Wirth works in the hotel industry. He works at Mountain resort as the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Working in this type of environment has been his passion for the last 25 years. 1986 was when he began his career at Steamboat Springs resorts. Later on he was able to move up to a leadership role at the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. In 2007 he began to be the chief marketing officer and he also was appointed as the vice president of IntraWest. Later on Wirth decided to move on and begin to work at Squaw Valley ski holdings as the new CEO. 

Wirth was born in West Germany and he received his bachelor of science the Colorado State University. Not only is he a CEO of very prominent company, but he is also a philanthropist. One of Wirths biggest passions is his skydiving. He enjoys his life to the fullest, and he has been skydiving for many years. In 2013 he had his arm torn off as a result of one of his skydiving adventures. His arm was torn on by a pole and his tissues were damage from his shoulder all the way down to his midforearm. Because of a bad crosswind he was not able to do the jump as he originally intended, but because of his history as a backcountry ranger he was able to successfully stop the bleeding from his arm.

Thankfully another skydiver also was able to come find him and the ambulance arrived and were able to take him safely to the hospital. Andy Wirth continues to do trail running, biking, and swimming. Wirth has made many friends with other individuals who have lost limbs as well. Andy Wirth is the perfect example of an individual who has not let any setback in life hold him back from following his passion.

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