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Donald Sterling Volunteers For Christmas Charity Event

This year ex Clippers owner Donald Sterling landed himself in some hot water when his girlfriend leaked a private conversation of him expressing his hate for black people, for months the recorded conversation made it’s way around the internet and into debates everywhere. Unlike Bruce Levenson whose controversy was widely seen as blown out of proportion, his attacks were malicious and unnecessary. Needless to say after all was said and done Donald Sterling was not America’s favorite name.

Some people felt that while his private conversation was offensive, nobody deserves to be recorded and have their personal opinions put on display for the world to see, other felt that the recording proved just how racially driven society still is. While many don’t openly speak on their feelings about race topics many people could not help but wonder who else was holding back their true beliefs. 

Well it looks like Sterling is making efforts to change his image because he recently contacted the Youth Mentoring Kids program and offered to participate in their 9th annual Chrismukkah Soiree. The annual event takes place every year to give less fortunate children in the community a Christmas that many of them may not have had otherwise. 

Inspite of Sterlings comments earlier this year the organization agreed to let Sterling participate. He will dress as Santa and bring toys to give to the children.

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  1. Frank Edwards says: -#1

    This should be an interesting event considering it takes place in the middle of a Watts Housing Project in California. Perhaps Sterling will learn a thing or two about unity at the event. It may be necessary for me to find someone to write my paper for me and make sure all the ideas I have gathered about Sterling comes to the fore.

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