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Dallas Based Company Secures Investment at a Total of $155 Million

Nexbank financial company recently announced that the firm has managed to increase their private placement of their senior unsecured notes to a total of $155 million in the current year. The proceeds will ensure that the company can continue to offer their exceptional banking services to their clients while investing in finding new opportunities. The unsecured notes are likely to mature in March 2026 and will bear an interest of 5.50% for five years. After the completion of the five-year term, they will have a floating rate which will be above of the basis points of 435.5.

Through the high demand from their current and new investors, the company was able to increase their offering, and this is a strong indication of the support they are getting from their community. The company has been recording earnings in the past year and the net income of the company year after year is showing a growing trend that is likely to remain for many more years in the future.

NexBank is among the largest bank in the country offering a broad range of financial and banking services to its customers. The company is well known for their personalized offerings to their institutional clients and individuals. The company is named the 14th largest bank in the state of Texas and is the 240th largest one in the entire country. The company that started in 1922 has grown immensely since then and has about a powerful workforce working for their clients. While the company headquarter is in Dallas, Texas, it has a presence throughout the country through which they offer their services.

Nexbank has powerful leadership that contributes towards its success. The chairman of the company is James Dondero who ensures that the company offers innovative and flexible services to their clientele over the years using their qualified team of experienced executives. The company has A health rating and is a valuable member of FDIC that shows for their reliable services. The rates offered by the company are almost twice that of the national average, and this has helped the company in securing high-value clients and retains them over the years.


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