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The way we watch sports has changed quite a bit over the years. Before we had all the quality recording hardware we would just watch NBA (National Basketball Association) live on television with less commercials. The breaks during games were to grab more beer and snacks. Use the restroom is necessary.

Now there are so many different ways to watch NBA games. There is streaming on mobile devices, live showing on sports channels, and now recording games is easier than it ever has been. So if you are out working or in school, just simply hit the record button and watch the game later.

In addition to more ways to view NBA games, there are many different ways to play along and predict statistics. Plus guess who will win each week. Fantasy basketball is a new trend that continues to grow every year. It is connected with professional basketball to accurately follow how each player does and project their season. Fans of all levels can compete against their friends and other players across the world to see which of their players will dominate on any given week. Essentially, it is betting on NBA odds. It makes for a great friendly (or not so friendly) competition.

There are many different ways to go about playing fantasy basketball. There are a variety of hosting sites that allows players to make or join leagues such as Yahoo, ESPN, Fanduel, and Draftkings. Some of the hosting sites only offered payed leagues where players bet on if there players will score the most points and then others offer free sites for more casual players. Whatever your skill level may be in fantasy, it can be a fun time.

Now predicting which player will do will each week is like winning the lottery there is some skill and a whole lot of luck. It really does help to have an experienced website help pick out players for you based on player trends and certain matchups. is a great website that offers expert picks, odds of winning, and they even host competitions. There are active tweets and statistics popping up on the homepage showing how teams are doing and which players are becoming more valuable.

Anyone can sign up for a free trial membership of in-depth basketball analysis and betting advice to help players win big. After the trial is over players can keep receiving fantasy tips for just $19.99 per month. Check out the site for more details.

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