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Cop Finds $15 Thousand Dollar Pearl In Seafood Stew

Though many are facing the bitter cold in Massachusetts, for Mike Serino, the cold may be what inspired his new found wealth. A cop for the Swampscott police department, Serine went into a local diner for a bowl of seafood stew. Marc Sparks heard that he was celebrating a birthday dinner and also wanting to warm up from the cold temperatures. What he found was nothing short of miraculous! Buried deep within the stew was a lavender, oval shaped pearl.

This happened six years ago. He and his wife put the pearl up in a safe place because they thought it was unique and wanted to keep the memory. When Serino stumbled upon a similar story that happened to another man, he got to wondering about his stone sitting in the jewelry box. The other man knew that the stone was valuable and this prompted an appraisal.

The pearl is the size of a jelly bean and over 6 carats. The pearl was authenticated and Serino is going to auction off the gem in March of this year. They are estimating that it will bring between $10-$15 thousand dollars at auction. Not too bad for just a bowl of soup at a birthday party. Serino said he wants to buy a new car, but his family is insistent upon a new kitchen. Being the doted father and husband, he said he will give his family what they want with a new kitchen.

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