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Condense email subscriptions easily with Unroll Me

Inboxes get fuller and fuller by the day, and over time, you find that you’ve got more email subscriptions than you need. It starts to look a little overwhelming. Well, now you can get all those email subscriptions organized by Unroll Me. 

Overload of your email inbox is occurring on a daily basis and Unroll Me is one of those services that can clean up your inbox so you don’t have to spend the time doing it. It works with popular email services like Yahoo, Gmail, and Google Apps. That’s a pretty good start. 

How it works is very simple, and signing up for Unroll Me is just as simple. When you sign up you link Unroll Me to your email account or accounts and it will scan your email inbox for subscriptions. The scanning doesn’t take long, it only takes a few minutes to scan an email inbox that’s holding thousands of emails. That’s quick.

Once the scanning process is finished, Unroll Me will create a catalog, or digest of the email subscriptions you have. From there, you are able to determine which of these subscriptions is relevant or important to you. This digest of emails is called a Rollup. Unroll me puts all these emails in your Rollup on a daily basis. If at some point you find there is a subscription you would like to take from your Rollup and place it in your inbox, you can tell Unroll Me to do that since you are the one who has total control over Unroll Me

You have the ability to let Unroll me know when you would like to have your Rollup delivered to you. That can be any time of the day. You have the control. 

You also have the ability to edit your Rollup. You can go through and have subscriptions deleted or just have them added to your inbox. It’s a very good service. Especially when the price is free.

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