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Clay Hutson is a Star Live Music Producer, and Here’s Why

Clay Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager. As a professional who wears many hats, Clay Hutson keeps himself busy, and keeping track of his busy career is a task in itself.


Among his recent efforts is a world tour with Staind frontman Aaron Lewis, filling sold-out 50,000-seat arenas and festivals as well as more intimate venues. The tour was a stipped-down acoustic style. This tour also marked the world debut of the DiGiCo’s SD11 console—a perfect fit for Hutson, who has driven virtually every single console DiGiCo has ever released, including a hand-built D5 way back when he was working with artist Marilyn Manson. Learn more:


Another headliner with whom Clay Hutson worked? Grammy-award winner Maxwell, whose NeoSoul style made a return to the stage with Hutson working the SD7 console. It was the only console in existence at the time that would perform the job properly, Hutson said, and it was a dream to work with in terms of programming the dynamics and effects.


Also, he worked as automation operator with the Kinesys system for OneRepublic’s Honda Civic Tour. The Kinesys system features LED walls, a large 16:9 formatted screen on the stage, technology which changes with the sets and allow cues to be timed to absolute perfection, and of course much more. But Hutson spoke in particular about the safety system, which features a number of Kinesys LibraCells load-monitoring shackles which connect to load-monitoring software, calling it “brilliant.”


Though being known as a DiGiCo user back in the day, Clay has adapted as technology has progressed. Though he admits it’s often very difficult to achieve a controlled, consistent sound when forced to use equipment with regional sound companies, he has to find a console that is not only compact enough to be used on the road but versatile as well. And when technology finally reached a tipping point, Hutson’s “perfect solution” with a DiGiCo console. The dream had finally become a reality.


He and his team offer clients a one-stop solution for any major music production. From planning to budgeting to on-site execution, Hutson offers a budget-friendly experience for anyone looking to put on a large, professional music event.


He provides a wide range of services, including production design, production management, show production, monitor engineer, logistics management, stage management, and rigging.



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