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Clay Hutson: How a Creative Audio Engineer Harnessed Technology to Disrupt the Music Industry to the Delight of Clients

Clay Hutson recently grabbed the headlines after offering valuable insight into his illustrious entrepreneurial career. As an entrepreneur serving the diverse needs of musicians and event organizers, he undoubtedly holds incredible knowledge regarding the ins and outs of business development with finesse. As an audio engineer, the creative and ambitious expert worked for various leading enterprises in the live music industry as he consistently crafted his reputation as a seasoned project manager. Afterward, Clay Hutson deemed it necessary to develop his own enterprise that designs, produces and manages an assortment of concerts in the U.S and beyond. In the course of his illustrious career, Mr. Hutson has completed an assortment of managerial tasks for various artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Pink and Kid Rock.

2005 proved to be a turning point as he participated in a highly acclaimed world tour commonly known as “Bleed Like Me” with a formidable band known as Garbage as they traversed across Europe, North America, and Australia. As a testament to his proficiency, Clay Hutson is credited with operating an automatic rigging system slated for One Republic’s “Honda Civic Tour”. Mr. Clay Hutson recently held an up-close interview with the Bro Talk to shed insight into his extraordinary career.

How and why was the Business Conceived?

As much as his past assignments played an essential role in marketing his skills, Clay Hutson credits his employer’s drastic recession as the prime motivation for developing his own firm. Despite the presence of substantial risk, his talents ultimately boosted his confidence to pursue a successful business.

Steps Taken When Turning the Idea into a Profitable Business

According to Clay Hutson, his vast experience can be considered to be a platform for separating dreams from realistic ideas. From developing illumination concepts to set designs, the creative entrepreneur knew he possessed the necessary skills needed to integrate computer-aided designs and craft them to precision.

How Does The Business Attract New Customers?

Clay Hutson credits working hard, paying keen attention to details and grinding extended hours as main ingredients to elevating his outstanding reputation among entertainers that value high-quality and professional workmanship.

Music Industry Trends That Have Resonated With His Interests

Clay Hutson credits technology as an essential tool to instigating swift changes. To deliver exceptional services, it’s imperative to stay updated on emerging innovations such as mobile lighting equipment with a keen focus on creating brighter platforms.

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