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ClassDojo Relies On User Input For Continued Success

With the increased use of technology, edtech entrepreneurs are enjoying a significant amount of success after a four-year low. Because of the expected education budget cuts for 2018, some education startups and entrepreneurs are remaining cautiously optimistic about the future of tech.

One of the essential tools for success is the feedback from clients. This has proven to work for ClassDojo, one of the most successful tech platforms in the industry. Sam Chaudhary, co-founder of ClassDojo, relied heavily on the input of parents, students, and teachers during the development phase to help them deliver the best platform to their users.

Founded in August of 2011, ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that connects teachers and parents through a virtual environment. Teachers share and track each student progress through photos and videos, and parents have the opportunity to view and comment, giving them a chance to participate in their student’s school day. Parents and teachers from 180 countries have used ClassDojo to help bridge the gap between parents and the classroom, and the company’s future looks bright. The platform also gives students a chance to share their work and encourage their peers. Teachers can reward students with points and positive feedback, giving them recognition for their achievements, and encouraging them to continue to do their best.

ClassDojo is on a mission to transform the education experience for every child. Understanding the importance of family involvement and parental support, they have built a model that virtually places a child’s classroom, right in their parent’s hands. ClassDojo is safe, free and easy to use for parents, students, and teachers. Currently, the app is used by more than 85,000 teachers in the United States. Though ClassDojo was built for advancing the experience for early learners, the startup has experienced growth similar to today’s most popular social media platforms.

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