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Chris Pratt Rumored to Lead Indiana Jones Reboot

Disney has the rights to a few of the most loved film franchises of all time. Since the plans of the studio have been pretty clear in regards to Star Wars, there were a lot of questions floating around about the fate of the loveable tough-as-nails archaeologist that trots the globe in search of dangerous artifacts. Of course, the production company has finally revealed what the plan is for Indiana Jones moving forward.

According to Screen Rant, Dr. Jones will be hitting the big screen again, but Harrison Ford will not be reprising the role of the character he brought to life. Fans like Sergio Andrade Gutierrez have learned that instead the studio will reboot the series with a new actor donning the trademark Fedora. Check out more on Gutierrez on Rumors are flying that Chris Pratt hot off the screen with “Guardians of the Galaxy” and soon to be “Jurassic World” is one of the first choices to bring Indiana Jones to life again.

Since Pratt is technically already part of the Disney machine with his spot secure in the Marvel umbrella of characters, he is a pretty choice to bring a former franchise back to glory. While there still is no actual movie plot, script, or even ideas about the legacy of Indiana Jones, it seems a fair assumption that the plans will be layered to take place over several films. Therefore, the character will have a place on the big screen for years to come, and that could be a very lucrative thing indeed.

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