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Chris Linkas Evaluates the Countless Opportunities the Youth have to Invest for the Future

Chris Linkas the European Head of Credit at the 20 person European Credit Group evaluates the countless opportunities the youth have to invest for the future. Young people have an opportunity today to invest in financial instruments that few generations in the past ever had access to. Through the development of the internet, Chris Linkas continues, and other computerized networking opportunities through online trading platforms with the technical analysis available in various chat rooms and educational websites, the youth of today have opportunities at their fingertips to generate a positive successful return on investments. In fact, there are various platforms online for investment educational resources on financial apps, blogs and social media outlets that provide young investors with the expertise, knowledge base and experience to perfect the skill set of savvy investors that are utilizing various investment instruments (kirkland).

Furthermore, the number of investment opportunities is endless in scope and availability ( Young investors can invest in certificates of deposit, the stock market, real estate and various other financial investment instruments that can generate a very prosperous future from either high risk or low-risk financial instruments.

Chris Linkas has developed a very successful and profitable career as an  investment manager and learned various avenues to invest in multiple investment vehicles. His financial Investment areas of expertise include commercial real estate, non-performing loans, performing asset-backed instruments, servicer/ platform Investments, corporate loans and securities, renewables, shipping, security LP instruments and various others financial instruments. His investment career began at the mecca of financial investments in New York City, New York by investing in the commercial real estate area of credit and real estate funds business. Currently, Chris Linkas is based in London and currently has a portfolio of investments throughout Europe specifically in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, Benelux, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Greece. With a strong skill set in financial investing from his career in investment management, Chris Linkas eloquently evaluates the countless opportunities that youth have to invest in their future and provide financial success.


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