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Choosing Your Favorite EOS Lip Balm for Each time of Day

The lip balm that you pick out may not be the biggest decision that you make On a daily basis, there are likely many options that you can choose from in terms of both manufacturers and flavors.

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For me the choice of lip balm maker is an easy one, as I only use EOS due to their higher quality ingredients and commitment to organic and natural ingredients. Ultimately this leads to EOS Lip Balms working better than other brands and provided prolonged protection from the elements in a way that doesn’t lead to fake and artificial flavors.


EOS sells a whole variety of lip balms, and that is where my mission gets tough. Luckily there is no need to settle on just one flavor of EOS Lip Balm. So I have a mix of flavors that I like to rotate before.


– after brushing my teeth I like to apply vanilla mint. It’s refreshing like the sweet mint lip balm that they sell, but it has a more interesting and deep flavor that appeals to me. I always keep an orb (yes eos sells spherical applicator cases) by my bed so I can apply if I wake up in the middle of the night.


– when I get to work I apply the strawberry sorbet lip balm flavor which is perky and energetic and helps to brighten up my mornings. It actually tastes like real strawberries too which makes for a more natural feel, shop now at!


– in the afternoon and into the evening I like the subtely of honeysuckle honeydew which is a refined and mellow flavor that is not overwhelming and which goes well with a more relaxed and hopeful part of the day when work is winding down, also available at


Find out which flavor of EOS Lip Balm fits your mood during the day and consider getting a bigger handbag to hold all these lip balms, click here for more info.


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